Why HC Distributie?

Weft and storage

HC receives from her customers new orders daily. All incoming and outgoing transactions can be traced real-time in our E-warehouse Online management portal. Here, you have real-time insight in the status of your stock, orders and returns.

All orders until 22:00 ordered are shipped the same day and delivered the next day in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Of course we also take care of shipments outside these countries and we give per country the highest possible delivery rate available to you.

– All products delivers 15:00 are taken the same day
– All items are checked, scanned and counted
– Real-time visibility of stock
– Automatic reporting with expected- and actually delivered numbers


All orders that are ordered before 10 PM, if available, the same day picked, packed and shipped. We work with own developed warehouse systems, which we continuously develop through to ensure that you can always benefit from the latest and best method possible.

All orders are Articles checked two times and scanned:
– When picking all items are scanned;
– When packing the items are scanned again and checked.

HC takes full responsibility for the entire picking process.

Why choose fulfillment of HC?

There are many reasons why you would choose the fufilment services of HC. We continue to develop our E-warehouse system, which daily reaps the benefits. The newest links are always available, the best insight into your processes and complete control over your supply chain.

Cutoff Time

In recent years, we have are continuously processing our orders. Where in 2012 we were still at 20:00, but now you can already to process your orders until 22:00. Here too we develop through and we see that 24-hour delivery in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is already quite normal.


HC works with a selection of carriers. Based on our experience, we are pleased to work with companies such as PostNL DPD, Transmission, Dachser and some other national post. Depending on your needs, we select in this for the best routes with the highest quality.


One of the final stages, but certainly not least, is your customer’s experience as for receiving your package. We provide the perfect appearance of your package, with the right size and color box, packing slip completely in your corporate identity, flyers and any matching stuffing. Standard in our range we have over 40 different types of packaging materials from which the picker can choose the best option for your product.
Each order is checked for the second time and scanned when packing. This ensures optimum control and deliver security to your customer.

Return Processing

Returning is a fast, accurate and efficient handling is very important. If your customer has changed his mind or was not satisfied with the product ordered, a quick and correct handling of returns can still provide a good impression. You obviously like this customer back again!

Focal points of our returns processing:

– Every day before 3 PM the same day delivered returns are processed by us
– Automatic real-time reporting
– Automated labeling possible return
– Pick up orders for your customers
– Reply number possible
– Through the PostNL DPD parcel points is a very great cover for delivery locations


Anytime, anywhere real-time insight into your inventory, orders and returns. Your online sales to your physical store!

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