Efficiency through customized solutions

E-warehouse is one of the online tools that you use to continue to operate efficiently and cost effectively. Always and everywhere understand your logisticprocess!

Multi-platform user?

Do you make besides your own online platform also other sales channels such as Amazon.com, Ebay, or even physical stores?
Because of the integrated links it is possible to maintain these orders at a glance. Curious about the links and their possibilities?

HC Group – All under one roof

HC Group serves all e- commerce operations for merchants and retailers. The storage of goods until delivery.

Besides logistical services, you can also contact us for your complete omni -channel . No matter which channel your customer uses, online via computer or mobile, physical store or another retail channel, HC can handle the entire process in terms of logistics, order processing, customer support and advertising.

Outsourcing offers many advantages! More efficient, faster, more accurate and better customer experience are vital for the growth and development of your services.

Your orders, our care

Cut-off time: 10 PM

Realtime insight in your stock

Free links with most e-commerce platforms

Free E-warehouse account

Automatic reporting expected- and actually delivered numbers

Automated labeling return

Many choices for carriers

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